Response to COVID-19

We hope you are doing well in this unique time in our lives. As all of us monitor Coronavirus, we wanted to reassure you of our ability to continue to deliver client services. For the safety of our staff, clients, and community, we continue to operate via remote/virtual work for 95% of our staff. Our systems, processes, communication, and cloud technology support a remote work environment, so our staff continues to work in a similar manner as they did prior to the virus outbreak.

Contact/Communication: If you need to contact a staff member, email or calling their direct line is still the standard method. Meeting by video conference is another option if that’s preferred. Our physical office is closed, but we are accepting anything you need to drop off through our secure mail chute located to the left of the front door, or by appointment.

Although most of our documents arrive to us digitally, we have staff continuing to collect physical mail from client PO Boxes daily. Documents received continue to be uploaded/scanned and directed to the appropriate staff member for filing, client approvals, processing, reconciliation, and review. Weekly bill-pay approval and processing will continue as normal. Clients should not expect any delays in receiving financial statements.

We are closely tied to the actions and communications of our government. As opportunities or concerns affecting your enterprise or individual affairs become known, we will be communicating with you with ideas and solutions. We will send periodic updates as we feel is needed via email to clients and on our website. If in the meantime you have any questions or concerns we can assist you with, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

- Bedford Burgher and Clint Haggard